Our story

Life. Water.



We take many things for granted. After night daylight, after winter spring to come, after rain sun. Many different circles surround us. Water is also circulating. From smaller waters to the larger ones and all of them end up in the sea. The water evaporates and drops back to the Earth like rain. Again, and again. And again.

Media about us

New opportunities for rehabilitation

We have a new neurorehabilitation center. He lives in Ljubljana, Trnovo, where from the central therapeutic area is a beautiful view of the nearby park, the Gradaščica river and the church of Trnovo.


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When robots take neurorehabilitation into their own hands

A new neurorehabilitation center has been opened in Ljubljana, offering complete treatment for neurological patients. It has modern equipment, including a Lokomat, robotic device for gait training.


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