Symposium 2019

Symposium 2019

In October 2019, we organized a symposium entitled “Where does the path of neurorehabilitation lead? “, which marked an official opening of the center. At the event, we had an opportunity to listen local and foreign professionals with extensive experience in practical application of modern robotic technologies and approaches in the neurorehabilitation.



mag Klemen Grabljevec

Prihodnost rehabilitacijske medicine

Ivana Popović, dipl. fizioterapevtka

Klinični primeri uspešne nevrorehabilitacije

Dr. Claudia Müller-Eising

Primer uspešne klinike iz Nemčije

Philippe Mariën, dipl.fizioterapevt

Terapevt o dokazih uspešnosti nevrorehabilitacije

Valens dr Peter Oesch

Primer uspešne klinike iz Švice